Irish Education System

Education in today’s fast paced and rapidly evolving world is a necessity. It opens up new opportunities to achieve the life we all dream of, and gives us the chance to be as successful as can be. On the macroeconomic level, the best resource any country can have now is an educated workforce. Understanding this, Ireland has kept up sustained investment in this sector and has achieved one of the highest educational participation rates in the world. About eighty-one per cent Irish students complete second-level studies and around sixty per cent go on to complete higher education as well, making Ireland one of the highest educated countries in the world.

Because of this, Ireland’s educational institutes are second to none, and focus on the development and grooming of their students in all areas. Personal and social grooming is paid special attention, but academic grooming gets the most importance in Ireland, which results in highly competitive but socially responsible professionals who are dedicated to excellence in their respective fields.

The Irish Department of Education and Science is responsible for ensuring that the education policy and national examinations are focused on the singular goal of making high quality education accessible for everyone. Full time, primary education is compulsory in Ireland, while third level, undergraduate education is a constitutional right for all.

For more information about the Irish education system, please visit the Department of Education & Science Website.