Student Services Available in Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the best educational institutes in the world, and because of that, it also offers some of the best student services as well. From on campus services such as Accommodation Officers, to off campus healthcare, overseas students in Ireland have access to a broad range of facilities to help make their stay in Ireland better.

The following is an outline of services on offer to students of Irish universities. However, not all institutions offer the same range of services, but these are usually the most commonly available. For more details, consult the Student Handbook/International Student Handbook provided by your educational institute.

International Office

Often times, overseas students need guidance and support on practical issues when they become a part of the Irish education system. Irish educational institutes have on-campus International Offices to help students get accustomed to the new system and place.

Health Services

On-campus health and medical services are usually free for students, and can provide basic healthcare support through on-site nurses and doctors. Some campuses even have their own psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and specialized medical personnel. Nurses in Ireland are certified and highly qualified, and can provide urgent, medical assistance easily. However, for other medical services, you would need to make appointments with the relevant departments.

Student Counsellors

Student counsellors are another support mechanism to help students deal with any problems they might be having. They are trained professionals that can help students come to terms with a range of problems such as social, relationship, financial, or academic. They are dedicated to helping students acclimate to the new environment, and cope with any issues they might have.

Student Advisers

Some campuses also have specialized student advisers that help students with their personal, social, and academic grooming. They can advise students on a number of issues relating to personal and professional grooming.


Some institutes make special tuition provisions for students to help them alleviate any difficulty they might have with their studies. These tutors are a part of the institute’s regular teaching staff, and can help students deal with challenging subjects by providing extra classes, and even guidance for exams.


Most institutes have Chaplains available on-campus to help students cope with some problems. However, even non-Christian students can go talk to them if they need a sympathetic listener, and an experienced, sincere advisor. They can often help sort out problems that other counsellors cannot.

Sports and Recreation Office

Most campuses have a range of sports and recreational facilities available, as well as dedicated sporting clubs and teams. Competitive sports and recreational clubs play a crucial role in student development. These clubs give students access to a number of facilities and are a great way to make some new friends. Quite a few clubs organize their own, in-house parties and weekend trips to different parts of the country, making them great for personal and social development and grooming as well.

Careers Office

Educational institutes also have careers offices on-campus that help students figure out the best career path for them. They help you determine which courses are best for their chosen career path, and help with employment.

Accommodation Office

The accommodation office helps students find suitable accommodation for the duration of their course. If students don’t have long-term accommodation organized before coming to Ireland, they can consult their institute’s accommodation office to help them find suitable lodging to best fit their needs and budget.