Visa & Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Though the admission criteria for different educational institutes, colleges, and universities vary, they all share some basic requirements. These common requirements are:

  • Academic records (up to the last qualification)
  • Passport
  • Experience letter (if available)
  • IELTS scores to satisfy English Language Proficiency requirement

Visa Requirements

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) at an approved educational institution

  • Application form
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • Valid passport
  • Evidence that you have access to the necessary living expenses
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for stay
  • Visa fee payment
  • CAS letter issued by the college (showing tuition fees paid)

UK Study Visa

List of Required Documents:

  1. Unconditional, CAS letter from the educational institute for a full-time study program, with at least 15 daytime study hours per week
  2. Properly filled up visa form ( and Student Select form
  3. Copies of educational documents
  4. Purpose Statement stating how your proposed course will improve your employment prospects on return
  5. Work experience if applicable (should be on the company’s letter head)
  6. 3 recent, passport-sized colour photographs
  7. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  8. IELTS/TOEFL scores as per the minimum requirement mentioned for each course (at least 5 bands or CEFR level B2) even if the institute has exempted the student
  9. Bank draft/pay order favouring the British High Commission in the home country can be made from any bank. 100% refundable in case of interview letter but not otherwise
  10. Cash processing fee inclusive of courier charges
  11. Bank draft of tuition fee
  12. A bank statement of at least 28 days, immediately preceding the submission of the visa application. The minimum balance should not be less than one year’s tuition fee and one year’s living expenses i.e. £ 7,200 for London and £ 5,400 for outside London
  13. A bank courtesy letter from the bank manager, stating that the account holder has been maintaining an account in this bank for a specific period. (Bank phone numbers should be mentioned on the letterhead)
  14. Fixed deposit of at least the last 6 months are also acceptable. Saving certificates attested by the issuing bank/financial institute with the covering letter, deposit details and the yield. Deposits can be in the form of Savings Certificates, Special deposits, and even Term Deposits
  15. Sponsor’s tax documents, including assessment forms for the last three years, if possible
  16. Family registration form ‘B’ if applicable

If approved, the entry clearance given will be valid for six months from the date of issue. If you cannot travel in that time, you must apply for an extension of validity.

Sponsor’s Source of Income:

A) If the sponsor is a businessperson:

Documents required are:

  1. Business portfolio i.e. a description of the business
  2. Annual Profit and Loss report, Formal or informal
  3. Receipt of Revenues earned
  4. Income Tax (if applicable)
  5. Wealth Tax (if applicable)
  6. Contracts with customers or suppliers
  7. In case of trading or import/export businesses, Credit Advise, Bill of Landing, Letter of Credit, shipment details can also be presented
  8. Registration documents

B) If the sponsor is a salaried person:

Documents required are:

  1. Proof of employment or a job letter with the employment period clearly mentioned
  2. Salary slips
  3. Income tax, if paid
  4. In case of government employment, details of the GP fund and total emoluments lying with government

C) If the sponsor is a productive property owner:

If the sponsor holds the ownership of any market or plaza, i.e. commercially productive property documents required are:

  1. Lease or rental agreements or deeds of the rented property
  2. Contract of rented property between the lessee and lessor
  3. In case of a real estate business, sale deeds of the property (sold on profit), and also evidence of purchase or possession of that property

D) If the sponsor is an agriculturist:

Documents required are:

  1. Proof of land possessed (farm)
  2. All the expenses incurred on agricultural produce i.e. seeds, fertilizers, sprays, pesticides (slips/receipts for these expenses)
  3. Revenue from the sale of agricultural produce i.e. sale receipts of the produce
  4. Pass book, if any agricultural loan has been taken
  5. Land affidavit on stamp paper stating the type of land, total area possessed, and the worth
  6. In case the land has been leased out, the contract of lease, showing annual income earned on that land

Who Can Be A Sponsor?

Anyone can sponsor the applicant, but there has to a logical reason for the sponsorship, such as in the case of parents, relatives, or employer. Close relatives are preferred.